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Terry Wool

Terry Wool

If it comes to “Terry Wool,” the first and foremost thought comes in mind is about the importance of this fabric in the Garment Sector. Garment manufacturers use it as the 100% cotton recycle material for backing up the embroidery business. It is recycled cotton material as the refined starch soaking ability. It is also used as packaging material. It is easy to tear away with dim thickness and no formaldehyde. It is known to be the eco-friendly and no dirt fabric in the industry. Further, in embroidery backing, it is to fix the position before embroidery fails. It is ideal for adjusting the embroidery of sarees, lehengas, and kurtas.

Terry wool’s water absorbing ability has made it the ideal choice in the manufacturing of the sanitary napkin for years after its innovation. Indeed, it is available in variants for only use in the napkins.

Without a doubt, there are two sorts of terry fabrics:

Towel Wool: This is a woven fabric with long loops that can absorb a lot of water. It usually is 100% cotton. However, may now and then contain polyester.

Usage: Things that might be produced using terry wool incorporate infants' reusable nappies or diapers, Sanitary Napkins, towels, bathrobes, bed linen, and sweatbands for the wrist or head. It is, in some cases, used to make sweat coats. Further, caps with a shallow brim were once famous with cricketers. However, are never again in trend.

Modern Usage: Lastly, it is used in garments section in saris’ embroidery backing and coats’ embroidery backing, especially in logo embroidery machine in the garment sector.

Reportedly, this fabric will also be used in sanitary pads for fast and safe liquid absorption. Terry wool in some parts of the world is renowned as the magical fabric for medical, and women’s personal hygiene. In understanding for providing the cheap and non-exclusive sanitary padding to use for even in remote places, the women’s personal hygiene awareness campaign is promoting the use of available terry wool as a cloth, till the sanitary napkins are unreachable.

Let’s go with some interesting facts about the French terry than the uses and its origin. Throughout the production unit, quality control is rigorously checked. The weight, absorption, and yarn spools are over the standard as established for the sanitary pads.

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