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Non Woven Fabric Manufacturers

Leading Non Woven Fabric Manufacturers in Kolkata India

JGS Tax Fab is one of the most reputed non-woven fabric manufacturers in India. Non-Woven fabric is made up of staple and long fibers that are bonded together either chemically, mechanically, through heat or solvent treatment. The term non-woven is used in the textile industry for the fabrics which are not knitted or woven. It is even regarded that there is specific non-woven material that lacks the strength required to bind the fabric until and unless they are backed by something. The non woven fabric is defined as a sheet or a web kind of structure which is bonded by the entwined fibers or filaments. They are the flat and tufted porous sheets which are made directly from separate fibers or molten plastic film. Due to their non-knitting property, they do not require the conversion of the fiber to the yarn.

How is the non-woven fabric used?

These engineered fabrics have opened the world of new innovative possibilities that can be used by many industries. Though these fabrics are usually of a limited- life or single time use fabric, they are durable because of their various features. The non-woven fabric provides the functions of absorbency, resilience, stretch, softness, liquid repellency, retardancy, washability, and cushioning. And these properties are thus combined to form a fabric that is equally suited for the specific job is has been designed while maintaining the balance between the product life and the cost. They are even used to imitate the texture, strength, and appearance of the woven fabric and can also be as bulky just like the thickest padding.


Due to the various functions and the imitable properties of the non-woven fabric, it is considered one of the eco-friendliest materials for multiple forms, especially in the industries where the disposable and single used clothes are preferred, which include the hospitals, schools, and even in the luxury accommodations. Being nonporous they are highly flexible. These can either be on the raw material used. The fabrics are even known for their stability which is tough to be found in other fabrics. They also come up with a sterile strength making them impossible to tear or rip apart. These properties have made its usage in different industries possible, especially for its durability and neutrality towards the environment the non-woven fabric has the following applications: Agriculture: To get rid of the weed, to protect the topsoil from getting eroded, to keep the gardens clean and dust free the non-woven fabrics are generally used. They even offer frost protection to the young seedlings in the chilly weathers. Industry: They are even used as filter material, covering materials and insulators in various sectors. And with their sterile strength, they work great with these sectors. Medicine and health care: Even in the medical and the healthcare industry the non-woven fabric is widely used due to its sterilization properties. These geotextiles are widely used to manufacture the disinfectant masks, wet wipes, diaper, surgical gowns and many more. Thus, as they are chemically less reactive and are not hazardous for the environment, they are being used globally in many industries. If you are planning any formal visit, then the first thing that you need to ensure for yourself is a crisp and decent shirt. However, a shirt is never complete without a flawless collar. There are many different kinds of collars available for a shirt, and there are different kinds of materials that we would suggest for it. Everything ranging from button-down collar to semi-squared ones, is in fashion today, provided it suits you and your looks. Button-down collar: A button-down collar is one that has buttons at its edges. It is manufactured and produced with a high quality of raw material. This high quality of raw material (in this case, terry wool) ensures that it has high durability as it is. Despite its classic look, it is the least formal collar and is generally suggested to be used only on casual engagements. Widespread collar: The widespread collar that, as suggested by its name, spreads wide over the collar region is also very much preferred by a vast number of people. It is easy to hold and breathe in, and it is also highly durable. Not only that, but it also offers a somewhat professional look to the wearer. Semi-spread collar: A semi-spread collar is one that falls somewhere between a full collar and a spread collar. It is also known as a town caller and is referred to as a classic collar or a modern cutaway. Hidden button-down: Then there is the hidden button-down collar that when made of terry wool, is nothing but a very professional one. It is similar to the widespread collar and suggests that the person wearing it, or the wearer is not a nonsense accepting kind of guy. You are here for business, and the other things matter little to you. Club collar: Then again, there is the club collar. This type of collar is also called a golf collar or a rounded collar. It was highly popular during the 19th century and suggested a more earnest and serious look than any of the other collars around that time. Even today, if you wish to portray yourself as an intellectual, then this should be your preferred collar. Button tab collar: Lastly, there is the button tab collar that is perfect if you are interested in wearing a tie or a bow. This type of collar has a tab of additional fabric that buttons behind the tie knot. The knot has two layers of material beneath it, allowing it to stand on its own quickly.

We count in leading non woven fabric manufacturers in kolkata by offering different colour, texture and design non-woven fabrics to mee industrial needs.

It is evident that the non-woven fabric is used by the garment industries very often due to its longevity and charm. The garment industries use this fabric for many purposes including manufacturing of logo, framework, embroidery works on garments, and even for the backing of garments’ raw material. Non-woven may be a single-use fabric with a limited life, but its durability is unmatched. With resilience and softness, this fabric can mimic any desired appearance as a woven fabric like a pro. The best part about non-woven is that it can match the thickness of the bulkiest paddings. Lasting to tell, these are not made with the point of superfluity. However, so as to satisfy different necessities. These are essentially wound up expendable given the parts they are utilized in (cleanliness, healthcare, garments industry) and of their cost productivity. What's more to know about, disposability all the time makes an extra advantage to the garments’ manufacturers. As dispensable fabric never has into use for garments, there is then an assurance that they do have every one of the properties required rather than reused washed fabrics.

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