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About JGS Tex Fab

JGS Tex Fab brings you the best quality fusible cotton interlinings

Among all the things that have been facing changes over a period of time fashion trends is one among them. Every day almost something new is coming up and are getting accepted by the people as the cycle goes on. But one constant thing among people is their love for good quality fabrics.

Any clothing item made of good quality fabric is always going to be sold no matter if it fits in the current fashion trends or not.

We all crave for materials which are soft yet sturdy and something that is comfortable on our skin, but it is really hard to find good quality linings for garments to make it look good as well as comfortable enough to wear them on a regular basis.

We at JGS Tex Fab take the concept of creating comfortable clothing rather than creating something that just looks good. We know the importance of comfort and durability in garments over the factor of style, and hence we produce the best quality fusible cotton interlinings.

We have been manufacturing great quality interlining for a very long period of time which is around 27 years and have been delivering them to large export garment manufacturers and local tailoring outlets as well.

Our lining materials are comfortable to wear and very sturdy as well. Making the fabric super soft we do not compromise with its durability factor. And hence we have emerged to become the first choice of local garment dealers as well as large fabric export dealers.

Our Mission
  • We plan to set our goals higher and bring enhancements to our production as well.
  • Our objective is to enhance our technical support to establish a smoother manufacturing process.
  • Empower the customer more with better quality garments than any other company out there.
  • Create a peaceful environment for our employees to work and push our company towards the success we plan to achieve.
  • Become one of the top most fabric manufacturers in the country as well.

We have been working hard for a very long period of time to provide quality and most importantly choices to our customers in selecting fabric. Our range of linings have huge variations in colour as well as texture. And the most important thing that separates us from any other fabric dealing company is our prices. Availing our services is reasonable and affordable for local tailoring establishments so that they can also have a piece of the pie.

Even though our prices are quite cheap, we do not compromise with the quality when it comes to the fabric we sell. They are all “A” graded material which you won’t find in any other company.


In the year 1991, JGS was established. Being in the industry for over 25 years, our company has gained a lot of clients owing to the excellent quality of our products. We have 51 to 100 employees. In these 27 years, we have developed a unique Research and Development Department, good financial position and Total Quality Management, large product line and large production capacity — all of which gives us an edge over all our competitors. All these things have made us popular in Garment Interlining Manufacture.

We have run a profitable business for 27 years, and in these years, we have gained several loyal customers, owing to our affinity for quality.

Our product range consists of
  • Authentic cotton fusible interlinings along with high density polyethylene, medium density polyethylene, and polyamide.
  • Blended fabric interlinings.
  • Interlinings made for Arabic thobes.
  • Interlinings dyed with vibrant hues.
  • Basic interlinings also called as sew interlinings.

Selling products under the registered brand name PRAGISH & JGS, we have been working hard to help our clients by providing the best possible interlining items and considering all these factors we are surely the best choice for garment designers and dealers out there.


JGS Tex Fab

To make it easier and tension free for customers to buy our merchandise, we offer easy and simple payment modes. Our customers can also customise the packaging of their orders from JGS Tex Fab Private Limited. We also provide quick and on-time delivery of your merchandise to your desired location within a span of 7 to 30 days and also have many tie-ups with top C & F networks.

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